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The work of Caitlyn Grabenstein, as clg design co. and cult class.



WIRED Magazine

CLG Design Co. was hired by Condé Nast to create custom artwork for a Clive Thompson article in WIRED Magazine, the 27.07 edition.



CLG Design Co. was commissioned by Unilever to create the logo for their new digital product. The logo was made to the customer’s exact specifications and goals. This project included sourcing font types, testing design concepts, prototyping in PS, creating a stand-alone magnifying glass “e” logo, and incorporating appropriate, branded colors that would match other Unilever logos.


Defense COntractor

I built and designed the website for a government defense contractor, ORBIS, Inc., through Wordpress. This project included migrating the website to a new hosting service, creating site content, sourcing content, working with upper management, installing appropriate security plugins, implementing an employee login, SSL certificate and redirection, and more.


Under lucky stars

CLG Design Co. was hired to create original, custom, digital artwork for Under Lucky Stars. This was primarily a digital, Photoshop project. The artwork created will now be offered as a new template to Underluckystars customers.


Lion’s Den

CLG Design Co. was hired by Lion’s Den to create original artwork for their 2019 Black Friday advertising campaign. The artwork will be displayed in over 40 stores nationwide.


Madame Fromage

CLG Design Co. built and designed the new Madame Fromage website. This project included laying out the entire design, fixing the hosting services, updating and installing plugins, creating color schemes, creating content, branding through text and images, and more.


National Event Services

CLG Deisgn Co. was hired by National Event Services, a national medical and security staffing agency, to redesign the homepage of their website. This project included redesigning the formatting of the website, redesigning the homepage layout, recreating the navigation, sourcing graphics, and filling appropriate content.


Cheese Journeys

CLG Design Co. was hired to resdesign to Cheese Journeys website. This project included designing the new site (colors, layouts, animation, etc.), building the new site, incorporating existing content, laying out new content, building a commerce platform, creating an inventory of products, Search Engine Optimization, and DNS management and mapping of the domain.

ThebandIvory photo by Bob Sweeney 1.jpg


CLG Design Co. was hired to design and build the website for Thebandivory. This project included designing the site format, color scheme, navigation, and content layout. It also included updating the SSL certificate and updating SEO.



The Metropolitan Group Philly hired CLG Design Co. for three large format, custom art pieces for their new apartment building in Fishtown, Philadelphia.

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CLG Design Co. works with Tria, a Philadelphia area wine bar, by providing social media management, photography, graphic creation, Google Analytics reporting, website maintenance, and event promotion and creation.

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Lee Burridge

Cult Class was commissioned by Lee Burridge, an England based DJ and record label owner, to create custom album artwork for his upcoming album.


Time to Pretend

Cult Class artwork was selected to participate in Time to Pretend in March 2019. Time to Pretend is one of the most popular art shows in Philadelphia.


The Weinmeister Berlin-Mitte

Cult Class was commissioned to decorate an entire room with original artwork at The Weinmeister Berlin-Mitte in Germany. This project included selecting the paint color of the room as well as providing five pieces that were hung throughout the room.


James Oliver Gallery

Cult Class artwork was displayed at James Oliver Gallery, in Philadelphia, as part of their Summer Rush exhibition.



CLG Design Co. was commissioned by Artifact Studios, a Los Angeles based creative agency, to draft several original designs for an invitation to an industry event.


The Lunch Club

CLG Design Co. was hired to help The Lunch Club 215 troubleshoot hosting and domain errors with The Lunch Club website. This project included working within the DNS to redirect the domain, getting the hosting provider and builder to properly communicate, and fixing the site’s SSL certificate.


M2b Art Metals

CLG Design Co. was hired by M2B Art Metals, a local metal shop in Philadelphia, for marketing consulting, social media consulting, website redesign, search engine optimization, website management, Google Analytics reporting, and publicity, including getting M2B featured in Saveur Magazine.

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I ran my own charitable business for several years called BANDADE. The purpose of BANDADE was to help raise money for people affected by cancer through music events and musicians. I organized over 50 benefit shows and booked over 60 different musicians. I also enlisted the help of musicians including Goo Goo Dolls, Post Malone, Imagine Dragons, Maren Morris, Florence Welch, and more. I was able to acquire Rugged Ridge, La Colombe, United By Blue, Yeti, Powerwerks, and Napier Sports as BANDADE tour sponsors. Learn more about BANDADE here.

Please inquire for more portfolio project examples.


Please inquire for more music project examples.


Below is the @cult.class instagram feed. the feed consists of all of my original artwork.

Cult Class has over 80k followers from all over the world.

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about Me

My name is Caitlyn Grabenstein and I am a professional website designer and artist based out of Delaware County, Pennsylvania. Through CLG Design Co., I offer website design, website maintenance, social media management, professional graphics, original artwork (as Cult Class), and more.

I started doing art and design at a very young age and have pursued it in different forms throughout my life.  I began creating WordPress websites for my charitable music business, BANDADE, in 2013. Through my business, I worked with artists like Imagine Dragons, Jason Isbell, Maren Morris, Ingrid Michaelson, the Goo Goo Dolls, Alabama Shakes, Florence Welch, and more. While working with BANDADE, I did all social media, advertising, design, sponsorship outreach, web builds, financial management, and show booking for the company. We ultimately hosted more than 50 charitable shows with over 60 different artists.

In 2015, while running my charitable business and working at Broadcast Music, Inc., in Nashville, I was hired by a contractor, a company with over 40 million dollars in revenue, to redesign their website.

I migrated their site to WordPress and a new server, redesigned the entire website, imported all data, optimized the SEO (moving the site from pages back on Google search to the first result), and installed Google Analytics. Then I worked to maintain the backend of the website and its plugins. During this time, I also worked as a freelance designer creating websites for several local businesses, artists, and individuals, through both WordPress and Squarespace. Each site was (and is) built to the customer’s preferences and requests.

Beyond web design, I now work as a graphic and collage artist under the name Cult Class.

From my experience running a business and creating graphics across several different industries, I know the importance of aesthetic to a company’s, or individual’s, brand.





I recommend WordPress to any individual or business that wants a lot of customization, several pages, or complex components. I design through WordPress because it provides exceptional customization for websites and has an excellent, longstanding reputation in the industry. Through plugins, custom CSS, and excellent templates, our options are nearly limitless. Your site will be both desktop and mobile friendly.



Squarespace Circle

Certified Designer

I recommend Squarespace to any individual or business that wants a creative, modern, simple website or one page. I design through Squarespace because it is the most modernized web builder on the market. With their beautiful layouts and extremely progressive coding, your site will be sleek and modern. Your site will be both desktop and mobile friendly.

website maintenance

Need your website to be maintained and updated after the initial build? Or do you need just minor changes to your current site? I can do that!


I have extensive experience managing several social media accounts and campaigns. My goals for your project are to increase engagement, increase followers, and generate business. I know the right services and tools to jumpstart your socials. Check out my Instagram here.


Through years of experience with Adobe, Canva, and Microsoft Word, I can create beautiful, custom graphics for your business, ranging from brochures to flyers, to folders, to business cards, to logos, and more.


I have extensive experience managing several social media accounts and campaigns. My goals for your project are to increase engagement, increase followers, and generate business. I know the right services and tools to jumpstart your socials. Check out my Instagram here.


Cult Class is my personal artwork project where I create collages and sketches. I have prints for sale and am available to do custom pieces.

It was really amazing seeing things come together like they did. It’s like Caitlyn was pulling the dreams out of my head.
— Liz B, Barton Digital Agency
Caitlyn’s creative style, knowledge of various web platforms and ability to understand the end users need makes working with her a breeze.
— Meghan B, megbucciphotography.com
I love that I’m able to trust Caitlyn with my vision and it comes to life. She always delivers what I ask for and then some. Communication is excellent and service is prompt!
— Monique L, I Am Monique Elise


Please use the form below to contact me about your upcoming project and how I can help. Please be as detailed as possible. Include your industry along with any specific requests. Thanks!

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Delaware County, PA